The extraction of TMO Salt
Natural  Dead  Sea  Edible  Salt

Production Process and Conditions

 100% genuine natural table salt is produced naturally in the Dead Sea by evaporation of the Dead Sea water and crystallization of the salt in ponds, without any industrial interference, without the use of any chemical or artificial materials, with no additives and with no chemical agents.

The natural crude salt is washed with Dead Sea waters, dried, screened and packed on the same day into bags, packages and mills, according to customers’ orders.   

The special conditions are exclusively related to the natural Dead Sea salt:
• The Dead Sea water contains 32-34% salts compared to 3-4% in other seas and oceans
• The Dead Sea contains a variety of natural minerals, in high concentrations, fed by underground mineral springs / spas
• The Dead Sea lies 417 meters below sea level, which creates unique climatic conditions that contribute inherent advantages to the natural salt:
1. Extreme heat - 30 to 45 degrees Celsius almost all year long .
2. Very low relative humidity - 30 to 45 % .
3. Extraordinary air conditions due to world's highest barometric pressure and highest oxygen concentration in this lowest altitude of more than minus 400 meters below sea level.
4. The air is unpolluted and virtually free of allergens.  
5. The sea water is clean and there is no water pollution whatsoever .
6. Unique sun rays as a result of the longer optical path length in the lowest point on earth.
7. Minimum rainfall of 0.1-0.3 inches during 3-4 months a year  .