Dead Sea Salt

High quality salt

 Natural table salt extracted from the Dead Sea is of the highest quality and unique in the world. It contains no industrial or chemical additives. Based on this method of production we can guarantee 100% natural pureness.

The geological and climatic conditions of the Dead Sea enable the development of an especially high-quality salt:

• extremely dry air
• temperatures above 40 °C
• high evaporation of the Dead Sea
• clear air, free of pollution
• low precipitation
• the position of the Dead Sea 410 m below sea level.

 The salt concentration in the Dead Sea amounts to 33-34% compared to only 3-4% in the Mediterranean and 3% in the oceans. The Dead Sea contains a variety of natural minerals, in high concentrations, fed by underground mineral springs / spas.
The concentration of natural minerals in the Dead Sea water is higher as in other oceans in the world.
Our natural table salt comes from the only salt works for table salt at the Dead Sea and offers a unique table salt with a natural and aromatic taste.

The Dead Sea is unique natural treasure.