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Food salt

Salt is for the food industry of great importance, although salt is often used only in small quantities, it is not to be imagined as not existing for the taste by dishes. The salt TMO has the only arrangement to the production of physical-pure salt by the dead sea. We pack the salt directly and absolutely untreated. By this method we can also guarantee 100% of naturalness. We make a distinction with our food salt in fine and coarse grained food salt and for good reason. To our single products we have listed to you the different ranges of application. The taste can be influenced by the use of the right Körnung positively.

Coarse grained food

Salt TMO salt is used for preserving as well as for improving of the taste by fish. With frozen fish coarse grained TMO salt should be used. A steady done of the Polloks is thereby protected. The quality and the appearance of the end product are improved through this. And we know the eye eats with. Also with fresh fish we recommend coarse grained TMO salt to protect a good drainage.

Fine-grained food salt TMO

We recommend our fine-grained TMO salt you, for example, to the spice of raw vegetarian food, like salads, bread spreads and vegetables. Ideally our fine-grained TMO salt is also to refine & spice from sauces, additions, soups, vegetables, meat and fowl. Of course fine-grained salt of the Auflösegeschwindigkeit is the right salt to the baking and breading. On this occasion, it unfolds his aromas very fast and thereby supports the own taste of the other ingredients.

Salt mill TMO

Salt and taste thing is oversalted. To offer the possibility to your guests to spice also at the table with our tasteful food salt TMO, we have for you our salt mill with coarse grained food salt. Steadily freshly ground salt for the everyday use in the kitchen as well as at the table.


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