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• 1 large fish (perch, salmon trout, trout, salmon, failing)
• 2.5 kg TMO-table salt
• 2 protein
• 75 g butter
• 2 lemon (s)
• 1 bunch herbs (parsley, dill, etc.)
• 200 ml of water

Oven to 250 ° C.. The gutted trout wash and dry. The washed herbs in the fish basket and the belly of the fish close above suggest, only the skin of the fish will be affected by salt. In a bowl the TMO table salt with the proteins and approximately 200 ml of water. On a baking sheet or in a large oven form a layer of table salt TMO-fill (about 2 cm) and the fish drauflegen. Now the top of the fish with the remaining salt and cover press around.
After the sheet / form for 30 minutes in the oven slide. At the end of the baking time off the oven, the oven door open a crack (cooking spoon in the door terminals) and about 10 minutes the fish are in the oven. While the butter on the stove liquefy and lemon quarters. Then the TMO table salt crust on the sides of the fish carefully aufklopfen the salt and remove lid. The skin is obviously not eaten, but the aromatic juicy meat of the fish.
The fish with butter and lemon quarters serve.
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