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Vegetables in TMO salt PDF Drucken E-Mail

 Ingredients for a portion:
• 350 g pepper (s), green
• 300 g pepper (s), red
• 300 g zucchini, yellow
• 250 g Tomato (s), solid
• 3 onion (s)
• Dill - Blossoms
• 1.75 litres of water
• 45 g TMO-table salt


First, the vegetables must be washed and cleaned, then cut the peppers in 1 cm wide strips of zucchini slices, tomatoes into quarters, the onions to dice.
Now all layers alternately in the sterile Schraubglas and distribute the spices always in between. Make sure that the glass only to 6 cm below the rim is filled.
The water with the TMO-table salt boil and pour over the vegetables, while the vegetables must necessarily be covered.

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