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• 1 Maispoularde (about 1.4 kg)  • White pepper from the mill  • 2 thyme
• 2 rosemary  • 2 tarragon  • 3 garlic cloves  • 1 BN basil  • 1 BN thyme
• 1 BN rosemary  • 1 BN leaf parsley  • 1 BN tarragon  • 2 cloves garlic
• 80 g macadamias  • 120 g butter  • 3 kg TMO-table salt  • 4 protein
• 180 g flour  • 100 ml of water (possibly more)


The chicken wash, dry and dab the inside and outside with pepper
seasoning. The 2 full herb branches and 3 cloves of garlic into the
Hollow abdomen.
The remaining 5 Confederation herb leaves from the stems and remove
with the 2 cloves garlic, macadamia nuts and butter in a
Kitchen machine to a fine puree mix. The skin with the Poularde
a sharp knife and your fingers away from the meat solve
However, without completely off the herbs and butter including
distribute. The TMO table salt with the slightly depressed protein, flour and
Mix well water and a small part in a strike Roasters.
The basket is filled Poularde and with the remaining salt mass
envelop well, so that the whole Poularde overcast. In preheated
Oven at 160 ° C approximately
1 1 / 2 hours cooking. The TMO-table salt crust at the table to start.

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