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Bath salts for pleasant saline bath

• 25kg bag, natural pureness bath salts from the Dead Sea 

• 1kg box, natural pureness bath salts from the Dead Sea 

Since millennia people are trusting in the pleasant impact of the Dead Sea. The salt from the Dead Sea includes particularly natural minerals: chloride, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, sulphate, hydrogen carbonate and lot more. There are also slight quantities of iodide, iron, zinc, copper and gold. For special washings the salt from the Dead Sea can also be mixed by essential oils. A warm bath with Dead Sea salt eases the repellence of old dermal cells and horn scurf and appears astringent to mature skin. After taking a bath with salt directly from the Dead Sea your skin will feel refreshed and relaxed. Particularly people with skin problems, stress, heavy limbs appreciate a pleasant and healthy saline bath.

The temperature of bath salts should be at 35 °C, the duration of a saline bath ca. 15 to 20 minutes. For a full bath you need approximately 500 g.

Our wellness tip:

 Footbath against tired and heavy legs

• approx... 5 Liter water  • 50 g sea salt • 4 drops essential oil tea tree • 2 drops essential oil juniper
• 2 Drops essential oil thyme
Mix the ingredients and enjoy a pleasant footbath

Tip: If you are in a hurry, just put the bath salt in a bowl and rub your feet and calves. Then, wash up with cold water. This is pushing up your blood circulation and awakes your tired feet.

 Neck and Dekolleté package

• 5 ml evening primrose oil • 5 ml algae oil • 3 drops essential strawflower oil • 3 drops essential roman camomile • 2 g Dead Sea salt

First, mince the Dead Sea salt. Mix up all ingredients. Before using let the mixture pause for one hour. After cleaning of your neck and Dekolleté, rub the package with large and slightly rotary movements on your skin. Very dry skin absorbs the package completely and the fine salt particles are dissolving.

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